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Mexican Coins

The Mexican Peso is the legal currency in Mexico although Canadian & US dollars are widely accepted.

Please verify the exchange rate as it changes frequently.


Please respect your servers at restaurants and bars by tipping appropriately. The standard tip in Mexico is 10-15%.

In restaurants it's considered poor manners to present the check before it is requested. Please request the check when you are ready to depart by asking "La Cuenta, Por Favor".

Tipping your housekeeping team is highly encouraged and should reflect the services provided.


Although Vallarta is a very walkable city, there may be the occasional need to travel by car or bus. We recommend the following options.


Vallarta's bus system is an efficient and affordable way to get around the city and has many bus stops conveniently located through out the city.  The fare is 10 Pesos per ticket (exact change is required) and passenger's must purchase a new ticket every time you board the bus.


The most efficient way to get around PV is by Uber. It is reliable and a cost effective way to travel around the city.


Another liable method of transportation is by taxi. When using the taxi system, please verify and confirm the fare before you enter the taxi. Do not get in without a pre-determined fare.

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