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about your cruise


The ‘The Magnificent North’ cruise is operated by Ambassador Travel. Should you need any assistance throughout your cruise, please ensure you speak with your cruise manager on board or contact the head office number for assistance: 


Head Office: +385 (99) 38 44 500 

Emergency: +385 (98) 98 619 000 

Terry McMahan: +1 (206) 909 8781

Rob Pearson: +1 (206) 909 8782

Ana Sopris: +385 (98) 985 9501

Please Note: if you are lost or late, please call Terry, Rob or Ana immediately. 


what to expect: 

We are excited about this year’s itinerary as it will take us to parts of the Croatian Islands we have yet to explore. With the exception of Korcula and our departure city of Dubrovnik, you are about to embark on a tour of “The Magnificent North”.  We (Rob & Terry) have explored almost every possibility and we hope you will enjoy the schedule that we have created for you. From the small island of Sipan to our furthest point north, Zadar, we’ll take you to the TELAŠČICA National Park, a visit to the Sea Organ, a stop by St Nicholas Fortress, several swim stops, hiking opportunities, an abundance of beautiful scenery, plus the chance to reconnect the new and old friends alike, this trip will be unlike any other.



  • Arrival transfers from airport/hotel (private car, minivan or coach as needed)

  • 8 days / 7 nights private charter

  • Croatian crew + our favorite Cruise Manager, Ana Sporis

  • Welcome dinner, daily breakfast buffet, six lunches, Captain's Dinner

  • One theme night party while at anchor

  • Premium unlimited drink package (water, coffee, tea, juice, wine, full bar)

  • Daily cabin cleaning, mid-week linen change, beach towels

  • Unlimited onboard WiFi access

  • Guided city tours including wireless headsets

  • Onboard water toys (paddleboards, kayaks)

  • Port fees and tourist taxes

  • Departure transfers to airport/hotel (private car, minivan or coach as needed)

  What IS NOT included:

  • On shore meals (5 dinners)

  • Excursions (like bike/scooter rentals, private boats, wine tours, etc)

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cabin assignments
MS Oscar slides (46).jpg

Standard Deck

Standard Deck

Standard Deck

Standard Deck

Standard Deck

Standard Deck

Standard Deck

Standard Deck

Cabin 01

Cabin 02

Cabin 03

Cabin 04

Cabin 05

Cabin 06

Cabin 07

Cabin 08

Josh Hill & Drew Rippel

Mark Thornton & Cameron Fortner

Wes Heaps

Tim heidal & Rod Maplestone

Brandon Haws & Michael Decamp

Jason Frederick & Rich Cheney

Aaron Revior

Trenton Christensen & Matt Waite

MS Oscar slides (61).jpg

Main Deck

Main Deck

Main Deck

Main Deck

Main Deck

Main Deck

Main Deck

Main Deck

Main Deck

Cabin 09

Cabin 10

Cabin 11

Cabin 12

Cabin 13

Cabin 14

Cabin 15

Cabin 16

Cabin 17

Brandon Hutchinson & Matt Johnson

Paul Peterson & Jaron Smith

Justin Cavanaugh & Michael Melnick

Troy Blanchard & Ken Gentry

Reed Dunn & Shaun Campbell

Sean Lodge & Kevin Suchodulski

Greg Serum & Jacky Vy Chau

Kelvin Brock & Eric Carelson

Rob Pearson & Terry McMahan

MS Oscar slides (62).jpg

Upper Deck

Upper Deck

Cabin 18

Cabin 19

Paul Harding & Brett Vuksinik

Rick Dahmer & Kyle Jettie

about your cabin

Passenger cabins are situated on three decks while crew members are accommodated in separate living quarters, reserved for them.

All guest cabins are very comfortable, fully air-conditioned, with an independent ventilation system for fresh air all the time, conveniently designed as modern private ensuites, toilet and shower in the cabin.

All cabins are equipped with beds in size 200×80 cm or 200×160 cm, with independent air conditioning control board, satellite LCD TV in cabins, designed wallboards, working table and chair, mirror, night lamps, safe deposit box, radio, hairdryer, 220 V electric supply, lifejacket, wardrobe and luggage space under bed, as well as the latest safety and fire alarm and sound system for notification of a cruise manager or group leader.

Standard cabins have two portholes and dual ventilation system while main deck cabins have cabin window and porthole in bathroom. Cabins are soundproof and have fireproof door.


What is the currency in Croatia?

Croatia uses its own currency called KUNA. Payments in local currency are required for most purchases on shore. However, as we are tourist destination some places accept EURO as well (better to check in advance). Your Cruise Manager will gladly direct you to exchange offices and ATM machines.


HRK (kn) = Croatian Kuna (approximate exchange 1 USD = 7 Kuna)

EUR (€) = Euro (approximate exchange 1 USD = 1 EUR)


Croatia is converting from HRK to EUR in Jan 2023, so pricing is typically in both Kuna and Euro.

Kuna is accepted everywhere, Euro some places as well.
American Express is not accepted in many places in Croatia


Any individual ship charges (like laundry, high end wine/champagne, etc) will be due at the end of trip in Kuna, Euro, USD or Credit Card (5% fee).

What should I wear?

Dress code on our cruises is casual and comfortable. Summer is usually very hot and sunny but May and September can be tricky. 

  • Contrary to popular belief, it IS acceptable to wear casual clothes during the daytime. 

  • It deserves a mention that after dark, people will wear something much nicer than a cover-up to eat out, but nothing formal—so no need to pack anything too over the top.

  • Ignore any stupid packing list advice that says to bring picnic baskets, sewing kits, mosquito repellent, or coffee with you. You can either get it in Croatia, or you won’t need it.

  • Think about the weather. Currently the weather forecast for our week in Croatia is highs in the mid to upper 80's and lows in the upper 60's to mid 70's.

  • Layers for cooler nights. The breeze off the ocean can cause seaside cities’ temperatures to drop significantly later in the day, so it’s always a good idea to bring a sweater or two.


  • Swim suits...lots of them

  • Water Shoes

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • Walking Shoes

  • Waterproof Phone Case

  • Motion sickness relief (just in case)

  • Sandals/Flip Flops

  • Moneybelt (if you so desire; although may not be necessary)

  • Adapters & Converters

  • NO NEED TO BRING A DAY PACK - you may have a little welcome gift in your cabin upon arrival.

What do I need to bring?

You are on vacation! Everything that makes you happy. Almost all our stops are small places. Everything essential is available. Don’t plan big shopping:-)

Is there WiFi on board?

Yes.  Please note that Internet connection used is cellular service, therefore the connection might be unreliable during some stages of the cruise. For that reason reception sometimes might not be possible or connection speeds might drop. Skype calls will work in bigger towns on the route. The connection provided is best used for checking email or accessing news portals. We recommend downloading files or video streaming on some other occasion. Wi-Fi connection can be accessed in the salon or from the rear lounge.

Do I have to bring beach towels?

No. Beach towels will be provided to you during your cruise.

Is Croatia Dangerous?

Violence against tourists is unusual and crime rates are low in Croatia. However, it is advisable to take precautions as you would anywhere else in Europe. Please be aware to keep your cabin door locked, don’t leave your valuables unattended and beware of pickpockets in crowded places. If something is stolen, you have to report it to the police and obtain crime report for your insurance company.

Are there COVID restrictions in Croatia?

There are currently no epidemiological restrictions for businesses and individuals in Croatia, apart from mandatory masks in human and health services facilities. Please visit the Croatian Government's COVID-19 website for additional information.

Should I be worried about Monkeypox in Croatia?

To date, there have only been 17 cases of Monkeypox in Croatia. To learn more about the outbreak in Europe, please visit the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control website.

How is the water on board?

Even though the tap water on board is of good quality, we recommend bottled water, available for sale in the bar. However, we provide two 0,5 liters bottles of water per day and person.

When and where can I swim?

Depending on weather and season, there will be several stops during the cruise in secluded and peaceful bays where the ship will drop anchor. It is an opportunity for you to experience swimming on the back of the ship where you will find two showers and ladders for easy climbing. Guests who prefer to swim on the beach will also have ample opportunities to do so during the cruise since the ship will often be docking close to beaches, easy to reach by foot.

Should I tip?

Tips are not included in your cruise price but are a voluntary way of showing satisfaction with good service. 

Though tips are at your discretion, we are often asked for advice so here are some suggestions:

  • The crew aboard the ship: around 10-12 EUR per crew member per week is recommended. Crew gratuities are equally distributed among the ship’s crew.

  • Crew Directors do not share their tips with the crew – it is customary to tip them separately.

  • For that purpose Captain will leave two envelopes in your cabin two nights before the end of the journey. You can give closed envelopes to Crew Director or any crew member.

general rules for TIPPINg (a message from Rob)

From what I understand, rounding up and/or tipping around 10% is typical at restaurants for example.

For our crew I asked Ana for guidance. Tipping is of course based on satisfaction, but she recommended around 150 EUR per person for the crew. They divide their tips evenly among 8 crew members. This is higher than the 2019 trip for sure, but it seems that Americans, especially the gays, like to tip so it's been raising the bar. Their highest tip so far this season was 8000 EUR from a full 38 passenger group.

For Ana, her tip is separate. I don't have guidance on the recommended amount at this time.

Who will take care of me on board?

Cruise manager is our representative on board. S/he will travel with you and be at your disposal 24/7. S/he will introduce her/himself when you arrive and you will get his/her mobile phone number. S/he will take care of everything you need and any question you might have.

How is the food on board?

Dishes served are a combination of the Mediterranean and international cuisine, adapted to our guests’ taste. Our Head Chef also aims to present traditional Croatian dishes for your pleasure. A selection of complimentary fresh fruit is available all day long.

We serve buffet style breakfast from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. along with warm dishes, such as omelette, scrambled eggs, sausages and similar.

Lunch or dinner are served as three-course meals often include fish or seafood.

I have dietary preferences. What should I do?

Email Terry in advance at or inform the crew upon arrival as soon as possible of any dietary preferences, such as diabetic, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc. Our galley team will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your requests.

Are linen and towels provided?

Bed linens and towels are provided.

Bed linens, blankets, and pillows should not be taken out of the cabins at any time.

What about electricity on board?

Electrical current on board is standard European 220 volts. In your cabins, you will find plugs with two round pins, 4.8 mm in diameter.

What are the ship rules?​

  • The Captain has the right to change the itinerary in case of bad weather or similar inappropriate conditions in ports, high or low water levels, dock and lock schedules or if he needs to follow Port Authorities’ decisions to ensure safety on board.

  • The Captain has the right to remove unruly passengers, quarantine the ship in case of disease and similar.

  • On the first day of the cruise, passports have to be handed over to the Captain for registration. All passengers on board and obliged to abide by the Captain’s orders. He is responsible for the safety of all passengers and the crew.

  • Ship rules are designed deliberately to protect all the passengers on board and we would very much appreciate if all passengers show consideration for other persons on board.

  • Jumping from the ship during navigation is strictly forbidden for safety reasons.

  • During rough weather, all movement should be performed with care and as little as possible.

  • Passengers should take extra care when crossing between the ships which are docked together in ports. Movement between the ships is the individual liability.

  • The ship is equipped with smoke detectors and fire alarm as well as the emergency alarm and speaker system.

  • Smoking in the restaurant and cabins is not allowed. In case of smoking, the fire alarm will be activated. Smoking is allowed only in front of the steering room.

  • Please take special attention not to throw anything into toilets except the toilet paper.

  • Passengers are not permitted to bring drinks and food on board.

  • Exceptions include personal care products, liquid medicine, food for infants and food products for special diets (diabetes…).

  • Guests are obliged to respect meal times on board as well as the times of departure for the next ports.

  • Any damage by the passenger must be compensated to the Captain.

  • It is strictly forbidden to throw rubbish into the sea.

  • It is not allowed to embark or disembark the ship until it is berthed.

  • Ship tender is not at passengers’ disposal. It is used only by the crew as well as for the occasional transport of the guests to the coast.

  • We ask parents to watch out for the security as well as the behavior of their children, during their stay on board.

  • Book of complaints is at the bar.

  • Cruise Manager, Captain, and the crew will be available for any questions or queries and will do their best to make your stay on board the most pleasurable one.

how to say Croatian



How are you?

I’m fine, thank you

Nice to meet you

Good morning

Good afternoon

Good evening



Thank you



Excuse me

What is your name?

My name is …

Do you speak English?

What time is it?

How much is this?

Where can I exchange money?

Here’s my passport

A beer/coffee/tea, please



Kako ste?

Ja sam dobro, hvala

Drago mi je

Dobro jutro

Dobar dan

Dobra večer







Kako se zovete?

Zovem se

Govorite li engleski?

Koliko je sati?

Koliko ovo košta?

Gdje mogu razmijeniti novac?

Ovdje je moja putovnica

Pivo/kavu/čaj, molim

Sounds Like


kah-koh steh?

yah sahm doh-broh, hva-lah

dra-goh mee yeh

doh-broh you-troh

doh-bahr dahn

doh-brah ve-cher







kak-koh seh zoh-ve-teh

zoh-vhem se

goh-voh-ree-teh lee en-glees-kee

KOH-lee-koh yeh sahtee?

KOH-lee-koh oh-voh koh-shtah?

Gdyeh MOH-goo rahz-MEE-yeh-nee-tee NOH-vahts?

OH-vdyeh yeh mo-ya POO-toh-vnee-tsa

PEE-voh/KAH-voo/CH-ay MOH-leem

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