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Safety & Security

Welcome to Casa Azur and Puerto Vallarta! We hope you have a fun and relaxing vacation, but it is most important that you have a safe vacation! To that end we want to remind you of basic precautions to take, to keep you and your traveling friends safe. 

your safety matters

We care about your safety and suggest the following safety tips when walking around Puerto Vallarta late at night.


The recommendations made by the Vallarta Police Station when an alteration occurs is to immediately file a complaint at the Police Station in person or via the QR Code (provided below), or dial 911 or 089 – all these reports are anonymous and the most important thing is that they are made when the events occur and before leaving Vallarta. Be prepared to report the date, place and time of the event and, as far as possible, the name and characteristics that identify the police units or individuals involved.


We would like to suggest the following to try and avoid harrassing altercations, to be alert and to know what to do
in case of an emergency:

  • Go out with friends or acquaintances, but have fun responsibly.

  • If you travel alone, stay on streets and places where there is a constant flow of people.

  • If you leave the bar or restaurant in the early morning, try to walk through illuminated and preferably
    mostly busy streets, if possible take a taxi or uber instead of walking.

  • If you travel alone and are intoxicated ask for help from bar staff or managers; they can help you order
    a taxi/Uber before leaving the bar. If you find yourself on the street and need assistance, there are many
    friendly people who will help you.

  • If you are a victim of robbery or assault from the police (or anyone else), try to collect as much information
    as possible. Such as type of vehicle, license plates, complexion of people, place and time.

  • Save the WhatsApp Complaint Line to your contacts to be able to report;

  • And finally, the most important thing, make your complaint  to the Puerto Vallarta Commissioner at the
    moment the events occur.


This QR code opens up a chat on WhatsApp to report cases. The WhatsApp account is labeled, ​​Comisaría de Seguridad Ciudadana Puerto Vallarta Jalisco, and you are urged to add it to your contact list in case it’s needed.

To make complaints in person:

Camino Viejo al Canton 101 Col, Santo Domingo, 48280


(answered in English or Spanish)

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