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We are glad selected CASA|AZUR for your stay in Puerto Vallarta. We know you have many choices and we hope you enjoy everything Avida Residences has to offer.


During your stay, we ask that you respect the rules of CASA|AZUR & Avida Residences and please note that this is our home away from home so we kindly ask that you help maintain its cleanliness and condition. It's important to us to maintain a beautiful space for you to enjoy for years to come.

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Arrival Day!

before you arrive

Our concierge team will contact you a few days before your arrival to discuss the details of your arrival into PV. If you need transportation, please let our team know so they can make arrangements for you. For a nominal fee + the cost of groceries, you may ask our team to stock the refrigerator for you before your arrival. 

Getting TO CASA|AZUR :

There are several options to get from PVR to CASA|AZUR & Avida Residences

  • Private Car: Please arrange transportation with our Concierge team prior to your arrival.

  • Taxi: You will find taxi options waiting for you as you exit the airport.

  • UBER: We would suggest ordering your UBER as soon as you get through customs. 
    To catch your UBER from PVR, you must exit the airport property. To do so, as you exit the airport (after customs), you will take a left. Walk down the sidewalk to the end of the building and turn left (you'll see the pedestrian bridge ahead). Cross the Pedestrian bridge to the other side of the road and walk down the ramp.  Just past the bus stop, there is a section where UBER drivers pick up passengers. If your pick-up location is pinned across the street, don't worry; you are in the right place, and your UBER will arrive shortly.  CAUTION: There will be UBER drivers waiting and will try to convince you to cancel and take their car instead, don't do it.


Arriving at Avida Residences:

When you land in Puerto Vallarta, please let our Concierge know that you have arrived and give them an estimated time of arrival so that they can meet you at Avida Residences. When you arrive, our team will escort you to the 1st Floor to ensure you are registered with the security team. Once registered, our team will escort you to the condo and show you around the property.

NOTICE: It's essential that you review the Condo Guidelines before your arrival so that you are familiar with the rules of the condo and the building. If you have any questions about the rules, please email with your questions or concerns.

Click here to access the Condo Guidelines



Our team worked hard to prepare the condo for your arrival and wishes to welcome you to CASA|AZUR . Provided everything was satisfactory upon your arrival, we encourage you to show your appreciation and invite you to tip our housekeeping team at the end of your stay (tipping etiquette). If, at any time, you need anything from our team, don't hesitate to get in touch with Lifestyle Properties right away.

Main entrance & Elevator ACCESS:

Upon arrival, you will be issued two (2) White Key Cards that you will use to access the main entrance and elevator. Remember to have these with you at all times to access the building. If you don't have your key card, dial 9 from the exterior keypad, and our security team will open the door for you. Please do not distribute these key cards to anyone other than those listed on the reservation.

Please leave the key card in the condo upon your departure. In the unlikely event of a lost key card, there will be a $50 fee charged for replacement.

NOTICE: Avida Residences is a secure building monitored 24 hours a day by our security team. We take the security of the building seriously. Be sure all doors are closed behind you to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the building.

Accessing CASA|AZUR

Please use the white key card to access the front door at Avida. This will be distributed upon arrival. 



Network: Casa Azur Guest

Password: AZUR2023


Network: Avida

Password: 12345678!

Elevator Access
Avida Access
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Should you need assistance, please contact Lifestyle Properties

+52 322 215 0102

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